Forestboard Duo

Fashioned from genuine timber, meticulously color-matched, and impeccably finished to replicate the authentic appearance of wood


Forestboard Duo

Introducing our most opulent composite deck collection. Our dedicated research and development team has meticulously crafted this composite to deliver unparalleled luxury and endurance, setting it far apart from the competition.

We’ve painstakingly designed a three-dimensional woodgrain texture, encased in a co-extrusion outer shell, creating a canvas for a unique array of colour finishes that harmonise with or contrast brilliantly against your garden’s architectural elements. Each board is double-sided, unlocking boundless creativity to craft captivating focal points and borders.

Our hollow tube design offers unmatched structural stability, eradicating any concerns of warping or splitting. In addition, we’ve fortified this composite with exceptional UV stability to ensure the colours endure for years to come, all supported by a reassuring 25-year warranty.


Key Features

  • Authentic natural woodgrain and variational colour tones
  • Reversable two colour board
  • Co-extrusion outer shell provides enhanced resistance to stains and fading.
  • Hollow tube core construction
  • Made from combination of recycled hardwood and high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Slip resistant
  • Low maintenance

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Forestboard Duo Colour Range

Luxurious styles to perfectly align with your outdoor design

Forestboard Grey

Dark Oak

Earthly elegance with this stunning natural wood tone

Forestboard Teak


Experience the timeless beauty of rich teak tones

Forestboard Light

Ash Grey

Enhance your space with this serene light grey finish

Forestboard Ebony Wet


Indulge in the exquisite depth of this ebony finish

The Forestboard Duo Decking Components

Forestboard Grey

Decking Board

Boasting a realistic wood grain effect, Forestboard Duo decking boards capture the beauty of natural timber in a convenient low-maintenance composite board. Available in 4 stunning colours and 3.6 metre lengths, they offer a hassle-free way to create a beautiful and durable deck.

Forestboard Teak

Edge Board

Our Composite Deck Edge boards boast a secure internal groove for a strong hold, while the curved edge adds a touch of elegance. Enjoy a finished deck that’s both functional and stylish.  Available in colours to match or contrast your decking boards. 

Forestboard Light

Edge Trim

Create the perfect finish on the edges of your decking area with our Composite Edge Trims.  These are easy to install and available in the same colours as the decking boards.  Available in 3.6m lengths.

Forestboard Ebony Wet

Facia Board

Complete the look of your new decking area with these Composite Facia Boards.  Manufactured to the same high standards and available in all colours so you can match or opt for a different colour create a contrast.  Low maintenance and available in 3.6m lengths.

Installation Essentials

Forestboard Grey

PE Clip

Ensure a seamless and secure installation for your Forestboard Duo composite decking with our PE Clips. These durable clips fit discreetly between the boards, allowing a minimal 6mm gap for expansion and airflow. Made from long-lasting, corrosion-resistant PE material, they’ll provide lasting performance for your deck.

Forestboard Teak

Starter/ Edge Board Clip

Create a flawless transition between your deck and wall or fence with our low-profile Composite Starter Clips. These sleek, black metal clips ensure accurate installation while remaining virtually invisible for a clean, finished look. Their durable construction resists wear and tear, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

Forestboard Light

Edge Board Fixing

With your subframe complete, it’s time to bring your deck to life! Start by securing Starter Clips along the outer edge of your framework. These clips will ensure a clean and even starting point for your deck boards. Once all the clips are securely fastened, simply slide the grooved channel of your deck boards into the opening on the Starter Clips. Make sure everything is aligned for a flawless finish.

Forestboard Ebony Wet

Anti Movement Clip

Maintain consistent spacing between your deck boards with our innovative Anti-Movement Clips. These ingenious clips grip the boards and promote even expansion on both sides, ensuring a uniform gap throughout your deck. Install them on the joist closest to the centre of the composite decking board for optimal performance.

Enhanced Insights on Composite Decking

Modern outdoor decking has evolved, offering a wider spectrum of options compared to the past. While traditional timber boards still hold their place, composite materials have expanded the horizons of decking possibilities with a diverse palette of colors and textures. What sets composite decking apart is its low-maintenance and slip-resistant qualities, eliminating the need for staining and treatment that wood demands. This not only adds to its visual appeal but also makes it a practical choice, even in areas where using timber might have reservations, such as around swimming pools or hot tubs.

How Composite Decking is Manufactured

Compsite decking is crafted from a variety of materials.  Boards contain materials like high-density polyethylene (HDPE) blended with wood fibers for added texture and a realistic wood look.

Quality remains a pivotal consideration. Plastic decking can suffer from warping, fading, and cracking. Our composite decking, made from durable, fade-resistant materials, stands out for its quality finish and long-lasting performance. Our boards are built to maintain their attractive appearance for years to come.